Harry Medved, PR with Fandango, sent this editor the following statement regarding Peter S. Hall:

On Wednesday, we learned about an offensive and inappropriate tweet Peter S. Hall posted on his personal Twitter account and took immediate action within a few hours. Mr. Hall is a freelance writer who contributes to a number of publications, and had contributed to Movies.com and to Fandango.  That same day, shortly after we learned about Mr. Hall’s personal tweet, we immediately terminated our relationship with him.


Remember way back when, Rosie was attacking Barron Trump and accusing him of having Autism? The attacks were so bad that eventually Melania started talking about suing her, so she finally stopped and apologized?

Rosie proved she was willing to use and attack a child to go after Donald Trump, so it should be no surprise that she’s at it again with the Kathy Griffin ‘art’ incident:

As Twitchy reported earlier, Barron Trump was watching TV and upon seeing his father’s severed head, thought it was really his dad. People with hearts and souls immediately felt horrible for Trump’s youngest, but not Rosie and the Left:

Because they’re heartless and soulless.

Oh yeah, and Rosie leaves out that the man who stabbed these two to death was a Bernie Sanders supporter, so using Barron’s fear to shame Trump over that incident is just more ugly hate.

And speaking of ugly hate, here are other tweets from people attacking Barron for being scared that his daddy had been beheaded:

He’s. A. Child.

Fake news. That’s cute.

This though is our favorite, because this guy tweeted then deleted it. Peter S. Hall is a Senior Editor for Movies Dot Com and Fandango …

And the Republicans are supposedly the party of hate?

Look, if you dislike Trump that’s your deal, but leave an 11-year-old boy alone. If you have to go after Trump’s child to make your statement, your statement sucks.