Every once in awhile there is a tweet from someone on the Right that throws the Left into epic fits of bitching and moaning; the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) has several tweets just like that in fact. And while it could be that ‘The Resistance’ is in a perpetual state of making faces like they smelled a fart and gets mad about most anything, Spicier really is one clever account.

For example, this tweet freaked the unicorns out for days, including Memorial Day:

When he’s right, he’s right.

Or she. It?

Right? Dude is so upset he used a bunch of question marks and tried to write in multiple ellipsis for dramatic effect but yeah, no. The moment they engage a parody like it’s a real thing they lose ALL credibility.

And we love it.


Wait, what?

Huh? Tell ya’ what, those multiple hashtags REALLY had us going for a minute.

Oh never mind, no they didn’t.

Says the guy attacking an account he thinks is a member of a Republican administration.

The irony is painful.

What the parody account doesn’t know is that Hallmark has likely taken this idea and run with it, putting out a new line of pissy greeting cards for fussy members of The Resistance.

Hey, we’d buy them … to laugh.