There’s just something weird about a smug Leftist like Sally Kohn using this quote as a means to prove something.

What she’s trying to prove, we’re not entirely sure.

From The New York Times:

These are composites from Trump World. It’s important to hear people out. That’s democracy: listening to what people say. There are hateful racists among Trump supporters; there are also many decent, thoughtful, anxious, patriotic Americans who felt they were losing some part of their country’s essence. The liberal complacency that holds that these people simply need to be “educated” is self-defeating. If that’s what the Democratic Party exudes — coastal complacency — it will lose, just like Ms. Clinton did last year.’

The opinion piece makes a decent point (except we’re still not a Democracy), but Sally sharing it is beyond fail and total hypocrisy.

Doubt she sees that though.

What, you mean calling people names won’t get them to vote for you? Get outta here.

Hands up don’t shoot ring any bells?