Democrats love to talk about how they’re going to impeach Donald Trump.

Hilariously though, all they can seem to do about it is talk.

And umm … that’s not how it works, Cory.

Seriously, he couldn’t rush to impeachment anyway and here’s why:

Yikes Brit, that’s gonna leave a mark.

Maybe Cory should take a basic Civics course before he rambles on about impeaching anyone?

And we’re going to guess he doesn’t know that. Sadly far too many Democrats in modern-day government don’t know the very basics of their own jobs and offices.

No wonder they keep losing elections.

Some of them actually think Hillary would get to be president.

We’re not EVEN making that up.

That’s what makes his tweet HILARIOUS.

Democrats love to pretend they’re intellectuals … note the word PRETEND.

We all are.