Full transparency, this Twitchy editor has been trolling accounts of Leftist windbags for most of the morning WAITING for one of them to say something exceptionally stupid in response to Donald Trump’s Memorial Day tweet:

We watched Joss Whedon, Alyssa Milano, Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman, Wil Wheaton (even though he has us blocked), Debra Messing, George Takei, Bette Midler, Cher and eventually stumbled across Keith Olbermann’s timeline.

Good ol’ Keith, he never lets us down when we’re looking for a jackass to act like a jackass.

Thanks for helping a Twitchy editor out, Keith.

If Keith wants to politicize the tragedy in Portland, the man who stabbed two men to death was supposedly a Bernie Sanders supporter. We realize he needs to push this ugly angle for his ridiculous schtick of blaming Trump for EVERYTHING but c’mon man.

Then again it’s all he has … that and a bunch of stupid little videos he’s likely making in his bathroom.

Considering one of the men who died did serve in the military; starting to wonder if Keith actually read anything about this incident.

It’s interesting watching ‘men’ like Keith suddenly pretend to care about our brave men and women in uniform.

And on Memorial Day … pander much?