Liberals boycott CNN in 3 … 2 … 1

‘The Left believes they are so morally superior they cannot bear to HEAR an idea with which they disagree.’

Holy cow.

Plus a study in 2016 said the Left is more likely to see the Right as close-minded.

Of course we knew this already but still, color us shocked that CNN allowed this on their airwaves at all.

Case in point:

Dude doesn’t even understand what the word liberal really means …

And as you could probably foretell, Liberals were super pissed about this tweet:

Thinking she needs to watch the video.

Please let that have been sarcasm.

Uh huh. Tell us another one.

Umm …

So much irony.

Because brave people run away from things they disagree with.


Huh. He’s getting all tough up in here, be careful CNN.

The stupid burns.

Can’t EVEN with these people.

Hey, no one ever accused us of being tolerant.