There is seriously a GoFundMe set up to replace the glasses of the journalist who was “body slammed” by Greg Ginaforte in Montana.

Time Magazine shared it even:

Apparently replacing glasses is super expensive for journalists.


Sheesh, since it takes such bravery to be a journo you think they’d pay these chaps more.

They’d have to have a sense of humor first.

Interestingly enough we were able to find the GoFundMe for Ben’s glasses, and what made it even more hilarious was that it was Glenn Thrush and other journos who were sharing it.

They are trying to raise $10,000 DOLLARS … for a pair of glasses.

And even though Jacobs said he would take care of replacing his own glasses, the page is still there and idiots are still donating money.

Is this one of those solidarity things?

You get a pair of glasses and YOU get a pair of glasses … EVERYONE gets a pair of glasses!