Good news, little people.

Alyssa Milano and other Hollywood elite have been taking an interest in wandering out of their gated homes and communities, traveling to other states and attempting to shove Democrats down our little, everyday American throats.

Look at how DEDICATED Alyssa is to being socially responsible – she even went to MONTANA.

Remember how she and her groupie friend were driving people to the polls to vote early?

Apparently she even hung out with Quist, the Democrat running in Montana.

But he won’t be representing ANYONE because he LOST. Add insult to injury he LOST to a Republican who the NIGHT BEFORE was captured very publicly attacking a member of the media for which he was charged with assault.

Even with ALL of that, the Democrat couldn’t win in Montana.

It’s seriously like Alyssa is the kiss of political fail.

Aww, poor Hollywood elite. Wonder why the little people of Montana weren’t just overwhelmed by Alyssa’s social responsibility?

Let’s hope she doesn’t figure it out.