OMG would someone please find the world’s tiniest violin and play it for Donna Brazile?

Donna, this tweet is melodramatic preening that only reminds us how ridiculous the DNC was, is and always will be – way to go.

Hello mopey.

Actually that drip-drip we hear is Hillary Clinton’s political career going down the drain and it’s taking Donna’s career with it.

And seriously, what a weak-ass metaphor.

Because something has to be dripping DOWN the drain, right? So technically the accumulating evidence would be dripping while sinking our Democracy (Republic) down the drain.

Then again, this is a Donna Brazile tweet we’re trying to make sense of …

No amount of metaphors is going to make Hillary, president.

Thank God.

Oh yeah, that nugget. Funny how Donna likes to talk about Russia but never brings up how she and the DNC cheated Bernie. Oh hypocrisy, thy name is Democrats.