Yesterday Twitchy reported on the latest and most damning undercover footage of Planned Parenthood released by The Center for Medical progress. This footage is the worst yet as shot after shot of women laughing about the problems they face aborting babies flashes across the screen; one woman even quietly admitting how difficult it is to tear a fetus apart.

Ted Cruz has had enough.


Here’s the footage if you can bear it; as this editor stated yesterday, she could not watch the entire thing without crying.

We need all the life warriors we can get – especially warriors on the Hill.

And as predicted, the trolls were all over Ted’s tweet:

This one even has a blue checkmark – we see you, Twitter.

May qualify for the dumbest tweet of the day … it’s still early yet though.

Adam here has had a bunch of pap smears, clearly.

Yeah, we just can’t.

All we can at this point is … defund Planned Parenthood.