Hillary “Will Never Be President” Clinton decided she needed to send sympathy and strength to the people of Manchester – we couldn’t help but notice she didn’t send any prayers.

Imagine the conniption fit the Left would throw if she offered up prayers.

Hillary is outraged AND angry …

And this is different from normal for her how?

Remember when she lectured Americans on how they need to try and understand these folks?

There’s a reason America didn’t elect this woman, and it wasn’t just because of her ugly pantsuits (although they certainly didn’t help).

But she’s outraged and stuff.

Even Democrats found her tweet less than inspiring:

No no, that would hurt the terrorists’ feelings and we can’t have that, now can we.

If we’re not nice to them we just create more of them, or something. Or was it air conditioning and jobs? Can never keep talking points from the Left straight.