As Twitchy readers know, scumbag and all-around waste of space David Leavitt was making vile jokes about the Ariana Grande concert terror attack even before we knew how many were hurt, or killed for that matter.

We did know though that there were fatalities, but that didn’t keep Leavitt from tweeting some of the most awful tweets we’ve ever seen on Twitter (and that says a lot). As soon as the tweets hit, Twitter exploded, and people were calling for his proverbial head and messaging various outlets Leavitt has listed in his bio demanding they address it.

One of those outlets was CBS, and they denied that he worked for them.

Today, John Kincade from The Fan and CBS slammed Leavitt:

Hell yeah.

Mic TO THE drop!

We’ve been questioning how Twitter verifies and why for years now …

And then last night after making a LAME ASS apology about offending people and taking the tweet down “because people asked him to,” he was right back to tweeting hot garbage.

Leave it to #TheResistance.