We keep thinking if we report on the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) account enough times that eventually the Left will figure out he’s not the actual press secretary.

But so far they haven’t figured it out – granted, it’s not likely that many of them read Twitchy but you’d think after awhile even Lefties would figure out they need to look for a blue checkmark.

You’d think? Right?

Just a little more woke and he/she/it might figure out he/she/it is whining at a parody.

We are too.


Tena is woke, look at how she spells her name even.

Pretty bad.


Dude is a little wound up and clearly isn’t using enough exclamation points when he tweets.

They really do.

This certainly does seem to take up a lot of Spicier’s free time.

Stupid. Stupid is contagious, clearly.

At LEAST 1,125.