William Shatner is a magnet for Social Justice Warriors. Not sure if it’s because he played one of the most epically MALE characters of all time, Captain James T. Kirk, or that he’s one of a handful in Hollywood who doesn’t bow to their talking points.

Either way, we love it when he sets phasers to stun and shuts them all down on his timeline.

Look at that, Shatner’s inner Kirk is a hoot.

And he’s not wrong.

Social media is truly the home of the snowflakes, quickly offended and social justice warriors – which are technically the same thing but we get it.



Their idea of justice looks nothing LIKE justice; honestly it looks more like a bunch of glitter glue and smells like patchouli.

SJWs are a lot like Klingons – they’re hairy, speak their own language and pick a lot of fights they end up losing.

No wonder Shatner is so good at taking them apart.