Iowa defunded Planned Parenthood.

Can we get an amen?!

And in defunding them at the state level, Planned Parenthood will close four death-mills in the state.

Think of the thousands of patients who will now LIVE thanks to these butcheries going down.

Serving thousands of patients – hey, at least they didn’t call it healthcare …

Unlike Chelsea “My mom wears ugly pantsuits” Clinton who couldn’t wait to play the world’s tiniest violin for these ghouls.

And what the Hell are reproductive rights?

You’d think by now she’d realize these silly talking points didn’t work for her mom and they certainly don’t work for her.

Oh yeah, and reality:

The only “care” they may have to go without is killing the unborn, and let’s be honest, that’s not really care.

Of course they didn’t but being honest and saying this makes it more difficult to kill unborn babies isn’t a great talking point.

Pretending the GOP is trying to take actual care away from women is far more “powerful.”

Unless you have a brain in your head and know they’re full of shiznit.