You know why this works so well?

Because deep down we all could see Joe Biden being in just this place and doing just these things. Pretty sure the image is what sells it … hopefully off to the side his 1979 TA is sitting with the t-tops out, Lynyrd Skynyrd blaring.

See, it makes sense?!

From The Onion:

Sources confirmed that the bearded, shaggy-haired Biden, who withdrew from public life four months ago, was initially startled to see Perez, dropping the bird carcass he was de-feathering and uttering “ah shit” when he recognized the newly elected head of the Democratic Party.

“How the fuck did you guys find me?” said Biden, flicking a lit cigarette into the swamp before wiping his brow with the bottom of his faded Merit cigarettes tank top. “I was really hoping I’d seen my last federale pencil pusher.”


People loved it.

Democrats might want to pay attention to what The Onion is doing with their ‘players,’ they make them far more likable than the DNC does.