Al Sharpton tweeted this … THE Al Sharpton. Really?

First we looked to make sure there was a blue check … and yup, there was.

Then we went to his timeline and pulled the actual tweets; not that we don’t trust Stephen, we just wanted to have them for posterity. Plus we figured the Left had a meltdown over them and we wanted to make fun of them.

Whoa. So if Al Sharpton can manage to say some respectful words after Roger’s death you’d think other Lefties would find a way to at least SHUT UP if they can’t say something nice.

Of course this is the Left we’re talking about …

These people.

Because it wasn’t the Left’s idiot ideas and hateful propaganda that did that … no no no, it was all Roger’s fault.

They seriously have no shame. None.

Shockingly enough, Al Sharpton does. Heck, we wouldn’t be more shocked if we woke up tomorrow morning with our heads sewn to the floor …