From Comey’s own mouth:

In his experience they have not been told to stop an FBI investigation for political reasons.

Guy Benson’s tweetstorm about Comey, the footage and the need for further testimony is brilliant:

This was the part that stuck out with us as well, that there may be opinions from others that a case isn’t worth pursuing but he testifies that he was never instructed to shut down a case for political reasons.

Exactly. Was it in passing? There is a big difference between an order and an opinion.

His own words throw a wrench in it.

You mean actually see the memo and ask questions BEFORE assuming Trump is guilty?! The media and the Left (same thing) will hardly like that.


Didn’t sound like it from his May 3 testimony.

People never read the whole thread. Psh.

What else could it be?

Agreed. It had a very broad message and sounded to us like it was all encompassing BUT like Benson said before, until we see the memo (if one exists) and hear testimony on it we really don’t know.