Guess it’s only sexist when someone on the Right says things like this …

Yeah, we’ve covered the Left saying some pretty horrible things today about the passing of Roger Ailes and honesty this editor was pretty determined NOT to write another one BUT … seeing a woman make such a SEXIST statement about the women at Fox News was just too much.

Why would a woman shame other women in order to shame Ailes?

Oh that’s right, because she’s an ass.

Nah, when Bill Clinton passes away she’ll probably cry and find a way to talk about how he was a great dad and husband. Democrats love to ignore a sexist when he or she shares their political ideals.

Probably not this.

It’s all they know.

Sadly plenty of people in the MSM and the Left are cheering this tweet, because ya’ know, someone dying they disagree with politically is HILARIOUS. And why not drag women they disagree with through the sexist mud while they’re at it.