And just like clockwork, with the passing of Roger Ailes come the grossly inappropriate and vile tweets from the Left. They just keep reminding us who the real party of hate is, don’t they.

Charles “I’m a Total Feminist” Clymer could barely wait for the body to cool before he was tweeting about Ailes:

Imagine if people were speaking this way about a prominent Democrat who passed away? Democrats in Congress would be calling for an amendment to the Constitution to stop hate speech.

But since it’s a prominent Republican hey … fair game.


Here’s the thing, even if Ailes may not have been the best person, the man just died. Perhaps if they can’t say anything nice they should just shut up and say nothing.

Then again, it is the Left we’re talking about here.

Pretty damn low.

Anyone see the irony of Charles calling someone sweetie and then talking about women being sexually-harassed?

Please note this editor managed NOT to make a joke about Bill Clinton here … oh wait, whoops.

Ever tolerant and respectful, right?

You “can” get nasty? Read this thread … you are nasty.