It just keeps raining crap all over Tom Perez … heh.

Three weeks or so ago, Tom Perez, Little Dicky Durbin and other Democrats made bold statements about pro-life Democrats and basically kicked them out of their party. Hey, if they want to keep nuking themselves who are we to stop them?

Guessing though that Perez figured out that was STUPID.

From The Atlantic:

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez plans to meet with pro-life group Democrats for Life of America, amid an ongoing controversy within the party over whether and to what extent Democrats should pursue voters who oppose abortion. Democrats for Life advocates for pro-life Democrats and describes itself as “the pro-life voice of the Democratic Party.”

As you can imagine, this went over with Democrats like a ton of bricks:

And you can TRUST what this guy says, he’s wearing a fur hat and stuff.


Right?! Because we all know Democrats are the anti-life party.

Oh FFS, how can these people stand themselves?

Meanwhile everyone on the Right had a good laugh …



Democrats have the market cornered on unstable.