Elizabeth Warren complaining about there not being enough competition in the free market is sorta like putting an escalator in an outhouse … it doesn’t fit.

What about competition for healthcare, Liz? OH YEAH THAT’S RIGHT, you support the monopolization of things like healthcare because it supports your socialist agenda.

Besides, remember Obama?

Hrm, and how’d that work out?

It’s like Warren doesn’t remember who was in charge over the last eight years.

She’s losing it.


It’s all about vilifying the evil rich guy, don’cha know. Liz needs to make sure she blames Trump and other successful people for the mess Democrats made of the country.

And of course her base will shake their fists right along with her.

They don’t get it.

Same thing with taxes; Democrats really believe raising taxes only hurts the evil rich people when in reality they find a way to get around them and who gets stuck?

The middle class.

Small business.

Certainly not Sitting TaxYouMore, aka Elizabeth Warren.