You know what REALLY ticks off the Resistance?

Basketball tweets.

Dude, who knew?

The Sean Spicer parody account, @sean_spicier, tweeted about the Spurs and also managed to tie it in with Donald Trump … so you know the Left aka the Resistance aka “Snowflake Fury” totally tripped out on him.

Hey, he’s not wrong.

Huh? Guessing this guy is a Spurs fan.

Hey, at least this one used the correct form of your.

He is clever, just not in a good way.

This actually makes us sad for Adult Swim, lol.

Honorable mention.

Hey, with the way the tides are turning in the Trump campaign, there’s no way of knowing how much longer we’ll have the Sean Spicer parody to cover.

Gotta write about him now before he turns into a Kim Guilfoyle parody … heh.