Keith Olbermann may not be able to help himself, he may really be just that far gone over Donald Trump.

There is something very Joss Whedon about this …

A lingerie picture, fascinating.

Maybe Keith needs to read the actual tweet.

And get a clue about history and art.

Yes, Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen did tweet out a photograph of his daughter that some may find questionable UNLESS they are familiar with Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol.

Ironically even people who did know who Edie was threw a temper tantrum over the photo:

What? Clearly he knows who Edie was and clearly he wasn’t offended by how his own daughter was dressed.

In fact it would appear to be quite the opposite.

Gosh, thanks for proving there was nothing wrong with Cohen’s picture of his daughter.

We thought feminists championed women being themselves … or is that just women whose fathers are Democrats?