Earlier today, Dana Loesch was on Fox Business praising the newest Miss USA for giving her ‘unvarnished, politically incorrect opinion’ on health care not being a right.

Miss USA chose reality over fluffy talking points, and we must give her a serious thumbs up for saying something she knew would likely get her trolled.

Like by this jackass:

Angry Frank is … well, angry.

Actually Frank should probably start calling himself Stupid Frank because seriously, only a stupid man would try and take on Dana Loesch.


Harassing Frank maybe? We can come up with all sorts of names for him.


Awww yes, he is apparently also a Sex Advice Columnist … can you say yikes?

Only strong women who AGREE with him.

Or who think he’s funny.

So we’re thinking that’s a limited number of women for sure.

C’mon, the dogs are needy … they’ve already got plenty of problems in the first place. They don’t need an Angry Frank hanging around making it worse.

Oh Twitter.