Once again a column by Charles M. Blow trended on Twitter; the columnist is well-known for his whining, preening, bitching and moaning about Donald Trump.

This time, Blow wrote about Trump’s madness and how it invites MUTINY which sounds more like something you’d see in a “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie than in The New York Times.

Then again …


From The New York Times:

When people behave as if they have something to hide, it is often because they do. For me, this is a basic law of human behavior.

That’s why President Trump’s baffling, outrageous, unfathomable and just plain bizarre behavior last week strengthened my already strong suspicions that there is something that Trump knows about the investigations into his campaign’s contacts with Russia that he doesn’t want us to know.

Huh. So when people behave as if they have something to hide it’s because they do?

How’d this happen then, Blow?

Oh silly Leftists, never change.

Editor’s note: Yes, we laughed every time we wrote his last name … Blow. Because we’re just that immature. Heh.