Hey y’all don’t worry, Cecile Richards says abortion is safe.

You know, except for the innocent life that’s taken during an abortion, it’s super safe.

She’s shameless.

Just more evidence that Cecile Richards and her ilk don’t believe the unborn are alive … or human. Or deserve to be safe.

And she wonders why Americans are tired of our tax dollars funding them.

Ghouls are offended when you compare them to Cecile Richards, just sayin’.

Pretty sure Cecile doesn’t give a damn about the aborted babies, unless of course it’s selling their parts and she has a car payment to make.

Because that’s her whole schtick.

She reminds us a little of the spider talking to the fly.


Sounds pretty unsafe to us too.

No matter how much Cecile and her organization try to pretend abortion is just another medical procedure, they can never get around the fact that a life is ending.

Sorry not sorry.