Oh look, Amanda Terkel, senior political reporter with The Huffington Post, doesn’t understand how insurance is SUPPOSED to work. Plus she’s all about the FEELS since it’s Mother’s Day.

Is anyone surprised that A) she doesn’t understand health insurance and B) that she used Mother’s Day as a way to pull at the heart strings of her readers so they could hate on the evil GOP just that much more?

Luckily intrepid tweeter @CuffyMeh provided a little reality to Terkel:

Wait, you mean women shouldn’t have to pay for their non-existent prostates? Get outta here.


Right? Facts and reality are totes crazy talk.

Great idea! The editor of this piece hasn’t had an accident in years and years, surely State Farm owes her some of that collision insurance back. DOWN WITH THE MAN.

Abso-freaking-lutely. It’s all about the feels and glitter glue with these folks.

Especially the glitter glue.