It’s Mother’s Day, and Vice President Mike Pence sent out a lovely tweet about his mom and his wife to celebrate the day.

Pence also shared photos of the important moms in his life, which is honestly very sweet. The photo of his wife reading to their small kiddos on the couch is really cool …

That being said, the Left couldn’t wait to attack Pence because clearly cherishing his own mother and wife is somehow triggering to them:

Yeah, attack his wife, that makes total sense.

Wha? You know that face you make when you read something SO stupid that you squint your eyes and tilt your head? Yeah.


Wondering if “Dave’s” mom should have put him in time-out more often.

STOP THIS. Women don’t NEED the government to provide for them; when will nasty women figure out that demanding the government provide for women is the OPPOSITE of empowerment.


Remember that squinty-eyed face we made earlier? Just did it again.


And these people wonder why they can’t win an election.


You mean the policy where he cherishes life?

We’re pretty sure his mama raised him right but hey, you be you.