This morning, President Trump went on a ‘rant’ about Comey and press briefings that had a good many people scratching their heads. Even several on the Right seemed troubled by this latest tweetstorm from the president.

Especially this little nugget:

Ummm, that’s not how this works.

And Katie Pavlich explained PERFECTLY why that’s not how this works:

Exactly. This is why these press briefings are so important; and we get it, he’s reacting because he feels that the media is not reporting truthfully on what’s happening at the White House.

We understand his frustration but we don’t understand why he’s choosing to deal with it in this way on Twitter.

Katie does have a solution though:

Hey, why not? One of Trump’s big campaign points was that he wanted to talk DIRECTLY to the people, which is one of the reasons he’s used in the past for keeping his Twitter.

But then again …

Our thoughts exactly.