For weeks, Kamala Harris has been perpetuating a lie about the number of Americans with pre-existing conditions. She has been fact-checked and corrected many times and yet she continues to push this falsehood because it makes the GOP look like big ol’ puppy kickers.

Seems Brit Hume has had enough:

From The Washington Post (right?!):

Meanwhile, a 2010 investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, based on documents from the four largest for-profit health insurers, found that companies denied coverage to one out of every seven applicants. So that would be 14 percent. So even if you took the entire U.S. population with health insurance — about 257 million people — that means 34 million would face a denial of coverage. Within the individual market — assuming every state sought a waiver — the result would be 2.5 million, assuming they all experienced a lapse in coverage of more than two months.

Lots and lots of information here, but basically Kamala’s magical number is WRONG. And she either is too ignorant to understand math or she’s too dishonest to change the talking point.

Maybe a little bit of both, she IS a Democrat.

Why indeed.

Of course. Anything to feed the narrative.

THAT must be it.

Now it all makes sense.