Hey guys, LA says they totes want to host the Olympics in 2024 because it’s second nature to them …

Forget the city itself is in disrepair and they can’t even manage to fix the potholes:

It’s an interesting point, you don’t hear people often talk about how they can’t wait to visit LA. Guessing a vacation in a pothole-filled garbage heap isn’t all that alluring, who knew?

The cities for the most part in California are falling apart. Sad reality.

Oh yeah, that’s right.

Democrats. *sigh*

And James Woods brings up a great point, Democrats run LA and like most everything else they “run,” it’s a disaster.

Editor’s note: The editor of this piece totally “SQUEE’d” when she saw both Ben Shapiro and James Woods teaming up to slam LA; like Conservative tweety-goodness tripled dipped in sunshine.