Linda Sarsour spoke at The New York Women’s Foundation shindig today to #CelebrateWomen. Because who better to talk about the empowerment of women than a woman who pushes Sharia Law?

Feminists only celebrate CERTAIN women …

Fascinating. Could they segregate women and race any more if they tried? This is absolutely obnoxious … and speaking of absolutely obnoxious the tag #CelebrateWomen took off on Twitter. Of course once Conservatives caught wind of the silliness on the tag they totally took it over … here are some of the best.

Wait, you mean women treating women like special snowflakes isn’t equality? Who knew?

Ok, that one is going to leave a mark.

But Trump or something.

How dare you, the NARRATIVE is everything!

Ugh, these broads really need to change the record.

Mic freakin’ drop.