Well this is just pathetic.

John Cohen, the producer of The Angry Birds and Despicable Me, tweeted OLD photos of Sean Spicer in a medical boot after he had a procedure back in March as a way to pretend Spicer was too stupid to put on matching shoes.

He did delete the tweet but ONLY after getting hammered by Twitter for it.

Luckily we have a screenshot of it:


Wondering if he listened to all of the ‘feedback’ he received for posting the bad joke in the first place.

Taken in March and oh look, another angle.

So he’s not awkwardly hiding anything, he’s wearing a medical boot.

But nice try, John.

Of course he’s super classy.


Well this is embarrassing, right John? Embarrassing enough to delete it …

That’s just pathetic.

But on the other hand, is anyone surprised HuffPost shared it? It’s not like they’re known for having the best judgement when it comes to newsworthy tweets.


Jury is still out on this one.