One of the biggest ‘tinfoil conspiracy’ talking points floating around since Trump fired Comey was that the FBI had just asked for more money to investigate the Trump/Russia probe … right before he fired him.

Which of course would make you wonder.

Luckily today, Comey’s #2 aka McCabe put this rumor to rest:

Unequivocally says no, they did not.

Sorry people who wanted to pretend this was some big conspiracy via that talking point … you lose this one.

Anon claims are just that, claims. If someone won’t put their name on a claim then it’s not worth a whole lot.


Which again would debunk the idea that Trump fired Comey for asking for more money and thus negating the idea he wanted to stop the investigation.

Whoops … you mean Trump firing Comey wasn’t an effort to impede the investigation? But that’s the whole narrative from the Left.

Go figure.