Oh look, some other group is pushing Chelsea Clinton as a legit voice in the political world.

Chelsea’s book, “She Persisted” will be “hitting shelves soon” and supposedly is the first to really feature women as the main character. Sorry Dorothy, Katniss, Ramona, Nancy Drew, Harriet the Spy and A BILLION of other female leads in kids books, you don’t count.

Gosh folks, we’re SO LUCKY Chelsea Clinton FINALLY wrote a kids book with a female lead. *eye roll*

But THOSE characters aren’t as important or something …

Chelsea did RT the tweet from Room to Read (shocker) and others took issue with the notion that there have been no female leads in kids’ books, a lot of them women even, and this seemed to piss her off:

Uh-oh, we got a toughie up in here:

Twitter 101.

OH YEAH, they’re the bullies.

Did Chelsea forget who her mom is? Hard to take her seriously about a bully when her mom is one of the biggest ones like EVER.