If you’re like us, the politics behind Trump firing Comey have consumed your timelines for the last two days.

The Left shrieking about how Trump must be guilty for firing Comey, when they’ve been shaking their fists for him to be fired for months is tiresome. Add to that some on the Right refusing to question anything Trump does makes for a frustrating topic to say the least.

Finally though, and politics aside, Dana NAILED the Comey situation perfectly.

All. Day. This.

Of course Trump has the right to fire Comey and yes, people are tired of accusations and drama. Bring on some evidence.

Yup, most people do support an independent commission but as usual the Left has totally screwed this up making it nearly impossible NOT to disagree with them on everything THEY say.

Constant whining about resisting doesn’t help a damn thing, nope.

Produce evidence or shut up.

Sounds good to us.