Would someone PLEASE check and see if Hell froze over because The New York Times put out an opinion piece we actually agree with … on abortion:

From The New York Times:

Activists see a lot of appeal in this argument, a way to bridge the gap between liberal women and economic populists. But it comes with enormous baggage.

Above all, it’s a profoundly dehumanizing argument. It reduces mothers and their children to mere economic objects, and amounts to saying we are justified in killing those who impede our economic progress. Parenting presents undeniable challenges, but no one argues that those challenges give parents the right to kill their children.


And of course, with that much boom, the pro-aborts, feminists and SJWs came out of the woodwork totally FREAKED OUT about the piece … especially Jill Filipovic who wrote a whole DIATRIBE on her timeline:

Here we go.

You mean it costs money to raise children? No kidding.

Because women are TOTALLY weak and victims of their circumstances and situations.

How any true feminist can buy this crap is beyond us … seriously?

But for many of them it’s ignoring their own responsibilities and not being accountable for the choices they make.

Fixed it for her.

And having a baby is akin to being chained up and having to gnaw a leg off to escape?

Eerily anti-choice. If we rolled our eyes any harder we’d have to go to the ER and have them checked.

These people.

And yes, abortion kills children. What part of that confused her?

If a fetus is a person … you cannot be forced to keep another person alive.

What do they think a fetus is? A bag of hammers?


The fact they think wanting to preserve life is a forced action says so much about them and their gross movement.