Chelsea Clinton has a strange sense of humor.

Either that or she’s just sorta awkward and not as edgy as the media wants her to be. For example, this last interaction between Chelsea and Joy Reid about the New York Times doing a regular “Trump Isn’t All Bad” column was bizarre:

Yeah, we get it. Trump is SO HORRIBLE and it’s funny when the media says mean things about him … ha ha ha. Then Joy responded with this:

So her joke was to compare Trump to a bunch of other horrible people like Nixon and Andrew Jackson because ya’ know, Trump is just like those guys. *eye roll*

Apparently Chelsea thought this was so sad … or so funny … that emoji perplexed and confused her.

The struggle is real.

Oh, except Joy and Chelsea forgot the horrible guy they compared Trump do was the founder of THEIR party, Andrew Jackson:

But HA HA HA, genocide is HILARIOUS and Trump is mean or something.



Oh yeah, and where’s the funny column about the men Hillary left to die in Benghazi?

HA HA HA, right?

She’s a Clinton.

‘Nuff said.