At first when you see Kurt Eichenwald mention that he needs to restate his tweet about wishing death on Republicans you think maybe, JUST MAYBE he figured out that wishing death on anyone is not a good thing.


And there it is again. No matter how “flowery” you write this Kurt, you’re still wishing death on people.

Honestly millions of people don’t know in most cases WHAT will kill them so really, c’mon man. Plus if people who care about you gave you advice to write this crap, maybe you should find new people who care about you.

Seems pretty cut and dry.

Not exactly true.

Kurt also leaves out the nugget that the piece that covered pre-existing conditions via the ACA had a cap which means only so many people could qualify.

But hey, go ahead and blame the GOP.

Get outta here! You mean we should make health care accountable for costs and reboot the entire system via the free market?! Insanity.

We caught on.

Granted, we only read Kurt to make fun of him but still.

Oooh, someone’s gettin’ all tough up in here.

Ok, so this is super long but well worth the read, so if you skipped down here because you were like, “Holy cow, forget that,” head BACK up there and read it. Serio.

Because fair or something.


So pretty sure it’s safe to say that Kurt’s attempt to restate his tweet wishing death on people didn’t go much better.