What a ri-damn-diculous thing to stay:

Would someone please point out to Talib that HE’S a man? At least we THINK he is, the social justice angle makes gender super confusing.

That being said, if we were to use Talib’s reasoning and rationale and say that he’s a pandering, no-talent SJW trying to sell an album and he gets mad does that make it true?

Yup. Can you imagine the shrieking if he’d said all women are trash? Or even if a woman said it?

But hey, it’s cool when you attack men … supposedly that’s justice of some sort.

Yes. Women do oppress men. Every day.

Righteous anger. PLEASE.

Thank goodness we stopped playing the patriarchy drinking game in 2014 … otherwise we’d have croaked from crappy Obamacare and alcohol poisoning MONTHS ago.

Oh, and remember when we said he was pandering to sell an album?


On that note, perhaps someone should remind Talib that men buy albums too and he just alienated half of his listeners.