The Washington Post must really think their readers are Gruber-level STUPID. Why else would they share an opinion piece written by the guy who said they passed Obamacare because Americans were too stupid to know any better anyway?

Oh Gruber, you know it’s bad when your last name has become a verb, and not a good verb.

Case in point, Gruber wrote this crap, blaming Trump (who’s been in office for four months) for breaking Obamacare:

Granted it is an opinion, and you know what they say about opinions …

From The Washington Post:

What supporters of the AHCA are not admitting, however, is that the ACA’s current failings are due to the misguided policies of Republicans and particularly the Trump administration. Before Donald Trump was elected, there were no places in the country where individuals could not buy insurance on the exchanges. The large premium increases announced last year were a one-time correction to make up for insurers’ dramatic underpricing in the first years of the ACA. The problems we are seeing now are due to the uncertainties injected into the market by the Trump administration’s actions to undermine the ACA’s success.

Trump has been in office four months, but somehow Obamacare is broken because of him. The only thing sadder than this ridiculous tripe from Gruber is the thousands of Democrats who will nod and agree with him.

Then again Gruber did say the American people are stupid … like it was a good thing.

Our exact reaction. In fact the editor writing this had to stop and wipe her eyes from the tears flowing from laughing so hard …

To set up single payer.


To be fair though, Gowdy could make John Wayne feel like he needed a safe space, just sayin’.

In other words they overestimated how stupid Americans were … like Democrats tend to do.

So really they just Grubered themselves.