It wouldn’t be Twitter if Peter Daou wasn’t posting something absolutely ridiculous about his favorite person and topic in the whole wide world, Hillary Clinton. We’ve been covering Daou and his apparent fixation on the loser of the 2016 election for months now, and every time his tweets get a little creepier.

Like this one:

Historie achievements? Which historic achievements is he talking about?

Daou was upset over an opinion piece in the New York Times giving advice to Hillary Clinton, because how dare they or something. Honestly this editor was debating covering JUST that tweet because it was so bizarre, but then James Woods reacted and booyah … Twitchy gold.

Cue Woods:

Drink some herbal tea.

Ha ha ha ha.

We’ve been telling Daou to get a new hobby forever, but we never tried the whole herbal tea thing. That could work.

Uh-oh, James Woods triggered Peter Daou. Heh.

And of course Daou responded because Woods spoke out against his lady fair.


Well, we’d tell you to ask Vince Foster this same question but he’s not around.

Woods had the perfect answer though.

Boom. So much boom in fact that James Woods pinned this tweet to his timeline. As of yet Daou has not responded but we will keep an eye on the situation.