Covering Twitter, if there is anything we have learned over the last few months it is always ALWAYS look for that blue check when writing about Sean Spicer.


Because the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier) account is just that good.

Earlier today we covered these same tweets about Sally Yates because they enraged people on the Left who got fooled by the parody. As usual.

It’s funny, we all laugh. Because we know he’s a parody.

We’re not entirely sure Gateway Pundit or BizPac Review knew that because they wrote whole articles supposedly about Spicer’s Yates tweets … but in all actuality they were from the parody. Who we ADORE, but also who we treat as a parody.

And just in case someone tips them off we grabbed screenshots of the articles:


spicer2As you can see, the tweets are indeed from the parody account.

Oh and in response, Sean Spicier also updated his bio on Twitter because hey, he’s made the big time!