It’s always fun when Cecile Richards pretends only men dislike abortion, and by fun we mean weak, pathetic and painfully desperate.

Which honestly describes Richards PERFECTLY.

For example she thought this tweet was a good idea:

Umm. Gross.

An what was she responding to? A tweet listing the senators working on the health care bill:

A bunch of evil men! *eye roll*

It should be noted Barrasso is a doctor but apparently his being a MAN means he shouldn’t have a say in health care. Who’da thunk the biggest sexists in modern-day society would be women?

Twitter being twitter, people had some reminders for Cecile about what is on Planned Parenthood’s menu:

And BAM. Such a perfect response to a disgustingly insensitive and ugly tweet.

Sadly this isn’t just a joke …

Cecile really set herself up for this one.

She’d have to be to lead Planned Parenthood.


Such a bad bad bad bad bad (did we say bad?) visual.