We admit it, we enjoy writing about Sally Kohn.

She is truly an endless source of mock-worthy, agenda-driven nonsense that keeps us laughing both on the inside and out.

Take for instance this tweet Sally sent out about mean ol’ Conservatives destroying solar energy that we covered:

Maybe Sally should stick to tweeting about things she knows … what exactly that would be, we’re not entirely sure.

But apparently the pushback on her tweet was SO troubling that she tweeted again to defend the tweet, in essence doubling down on the argument that got her mocked in the first place.



Sheesh, she’s starting to sound like Trump and you know that would really irritate her if she was able to think outside of her perpetual progressive bubble.

She did forget one winner:

And not to mention, if solar energy is SO successful …

They shouldn’t need monies from the government, so in essence Sally just made the evil Conservative’s argument for them.

She’s a giver.