Usually when we write about Sean Spicer’s hilarious parody account, Sean Spicier (@sean_spicier), it’s because he’s fooled some whiny, reactionary Leftist.

But THIS time we had to cover him REACTING to a whiny, reactionary Leftist … the one and only, Kurt Eichenwald.


Don’t give him any ideas, Spicier!

Although even with his tweeting about wishing horrible, painful deaths on people and suing youngsters for sending him an animated gif he’s STILL more likable than Hillary Clinton.

We know we know, it’s childish.

But so is Kurt.

Because tolerance.

Makes you wonder if liberalism itself should be considered a pre-existing condition.

Everyone better be careful, Eichenwald has been known to sue people over a tweet.

Welcome to 2017.


That’s never stopped the Democrats before – see Georgia.

And of course it wouldn’t be a Sean Spicier article if we didn’t include at least ONE Lefty getting fooled into thinking he’s really Spicer: