Chelsea Handler needs to take a basic Civics class, seriously. We can’t decide if she’s paranoid or just ignorant … maybe a little bit of both.

She keeps tweeting crap like this:

As the editor of this piece is a woman, this tweet is not only confusing but totally annoying. So tired of women like Chelsea pretending only MEN have an issue with abortion.

Women aren’t losing rights.


Here’s a progressive powerhouse, a Hollywood celebrity, having her ass handed to her by an everyday, ordinary woman. And no offense meant to Leanne here, just pointing out that in general people are tired of Hollywood pretending they know more than we do just because they get paid to be on TV or in movies.


Sadly her tweet got the exact reaction we expected:

Don’cha love it when one woman treats another woman like she’s too stupid to understand killing innocents is not empowerment?

Again, she held her ground.

Because Republican women know their rights, know they’re not losing them and are sick and freakin’ TIRED of the Left pretending they own our narrative.

It’s on.