Oh look.

Politico is already laying the blame for everything wrong with the health care law on the GOP; that took what, two days? Shocker.

And umm … it’s not the law yet?

Sadly while this headline is hilarious in a “wow that’s pathetic” sort of way there is some truth to it; when the GOP failed to repeal Obamacare they did in a way take ownership.

That being said, the bias here is tangible.

Yup. We don’t recall them blaming Obama for the problems with Obamacare. In fact we’re pretty sure they blamed the GOP for not fixing it.

Not happening.


Psh, that’s no fun.


Pretty safe to say that when it comes to Politico and other Leftist media outlets (which means like 98% of them) EVERYTHING is the GOP’s fault.

It really is. What’s even more amazing is when you find an article written on the same subject by the same journo praising Obama and then slamming Trump … their bias is more and more evident.

They don’t even try to hide it anymore.