Cecile Richards has a sadz because the AHCA passed the House yesterday.

They didn’t even defund Planned Parenthood (yet) but here she is, fear-mongering and attempting to scare women into protecting her death organization. Exploiting their very real needs with nonsense and rhetoric.

The only thing more infuriating than Cecile and Planned Parenthood conning women into believing they provide ‘health care’ is the number of abortions they perform every day.

Cecile posted this video looking to rally their abortion troops … and it didn’t go the way she thought it would.

Think of the number of women’s lives that will be saved if they’re not aborted at Planned Parenthood.

Ugh, that whole ‘death is better than poverty’ argument is SO gross. There are over 2000 federal programs for the impoverished, clearly America is more than generous in helping kiddos in poverty.

If only we were better at helping kiddos in the womb.

Funny how Cecile never mentions this …

You pay for it. Yup.

And they did get their funding, for a year. Let’s hope though that this is the last year our dollars go to Cecile’s organization (or her salary!).

She’s upset. Heh.

Interesting and fair point. Many Republicans aren’t happy with this bill as it doesn’t actually repeal Obamacare; Cecile Richards posting this video helps them tremendously.